• Jerri Mitchell-Tharp

Law Updates 2021

Laws change on a daily basis in most states. Here are some of the criminal justice reform laws that went into effect just last month:

House Bill 1: Expands the use of drug treatment programs in lieu of criminal conviction; speeds up and expands the path to sealing criminal records; prohibits the shackling of pregnant inmates.

House Bill 136: Prohibits the death penalty for offenders who suffered from certain serious mental illnesses at the time of the crime.

Senate Bill 68: Allows courts to let people who can’t afford to pay driver license reinstatement fees to perform community service instead.

Senate Bill 256: Prohibits sentencing people who were under 18 to life in prison without the possibility for parole and allows some current inmates to be eligible for parole after 18, 25 or 30 years, depending on the offense.

And, with an effective date of October 2021:

House Bill 263: Lessens barriers to getting occupational licenses for those who have criminal records.

The legal climate is constantly changing. If you've ever found yourself unable to advance due to a past criminal record, there may be new opportunities that will allow that advancement!

Give me a call, send me a message, or email, to discuss your matter and how I can help!

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