• Jerri Mitchell-Tharp

Made for TV...

Not everything you watch on TV or in movies is true. Did you know:

  • Miranda ONLY has to be given if (1) you are in custody, AND (2) you are being questioned?

  • You can be arrested for OVI/DUI even if you test under the .08 limit?

  • Juveniles do not have an absolute right to have a parent present during questioning by police or school officials?

  • Police officers have every right to lie and make false claims to obtain a confession?

  • Adults are entitled to Jury Trials only if there is a possibility of jail time?

  • ALL juvenile proceedings are considered civil in nature; therefore, there is no right to a Jury Trial, even if detention is a possible punishment?

As the saying goes, ignorance of the law is not an excuse.

If you find yourself in any sort of criminal or traffic matter, give me a call ASAP!

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